Kerri Johnson in the News!!

Kerri Johnson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at UCLA.  In recent research, she examined how the body's shape and motion provide subtle cues to others sexual orientation, findings that provide a foundation to understand and prevent bias.  The work has been covered by news organizations including NewsWeek Russia, Science Daily, and PhysOrg.

Kerri Johnson in the News!!

Andrew Gumbel in the News!!

Andrew Gumbel is a full-time working journalist who also teaches the Communication Studies summer journalism program at the UC Center in Washington DC, now in its third year. He's worked as a foreign correspondent in Europe, the Middle East and North America for the past 20 years, including stints with Reuters and the British newspapers The Guardian and The Independent. He now writes regularly for such outlets as the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post and LA CityBeat, where he is responsible for the award-winning bi-weekly column American Babylon.

Greg Bryant in the news!!

Greg Bryant is an Assistant Professor at UCLA's Department of Communication Studies.  His research, examining intention recognition in infant-direct speech in people from Amazonian Ecuador, was covered by several news organizations, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, ScienceNOW, Science Daily, and United Press International. Bryant was quoted in the articles.

Tom Plate in the News!!

Tom Plate, adjunct professor of communication studies and policy studies, is a veteran journalist who has worked at Time, the Los Angeles Times, CBS, The Daily Mail and other news-media institutions. His latest book is "Confessions of an American Media Man." His twice-weekly column on Asia and America appears via syndication in major newspapers from Dubai to Seattle. A recent column, written on Burma/Myanmar while in Singapore, appeared on CNN.COM, the cable news network's webpage.

Keith Fink in the News

Keith Fink is currently teaching at UCLA's Department of Communication Studies. He is a litigator with a diverse practice and a specialty in sexual harassment cases. A recent employment case he is handling has been covered by Dateline, Scarborough County, the L.A.T, NYT, Businessweek NYPost, Ottawa Citizen and scores of other media organizations. This case involves free speech issues which is a subject he teaches at UCLA.  Another high profile case he is handling is against Marilyn Manson and has been covered in the NYPost.

Paul VonBlum in the News

Von Blum, UCLA Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies and African American Studies, is quoted in a Miami Herald profile of Bob Adelman, a photographer who chronicled the civil rights movement.Paul VonBlum in the News

Constance Coiner Undergraduate Award

Created to honor the memory and continue the work of Constance Coiner and her daughter Ana Duarte-Coiner and made possible through donations from family and friends, the Constance Coiner Undergraduate Award supports research on feminist and working-class issues and demonstrate excellence in teaching and a commitment to teaching as activism.kuntiguest

Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., Undergraduate Award

Made possible by the generosity of Dr. Barbara "Penny" Kanner, the Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., Undergraduate Award provides a $1000 prize to one undergraduate for an outstanding research report, thesis, dissertation or a published article on a topic pertaining to women, health, or women in health-related sciences.

Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., Undergraduate Award

Martie Haselton in the News!!

Research on ovulation by Martie Haselton, UCLA associate professor of communication studies and psychology, which showed that women pay more attention to their appearance as ovulation approaches, is reported today by the Los Angeles Times (Home Edition, Main News, Page A14), Chicago Tribune (Chicago Final Edition, News, Page 11), The Associated Press, The Guardian (London) (Guardian Home Pages, Page 13), The Daily Telegraph (Australia) (State Edition, Local, Page 17), The Courier Mail (Australia) (First with the news Edition,

CS Alum Mebrahtom Keflezighi crowned National Champion

CS Alum Mebrahtom Keflezighi of UCLA was crowned National Champion with his course record time of 28:54.