COMM 10 - Introduction to Communication

This course is designed to introduce you, in general terms, to the study of interpersonal and mass communication. The approach will be inter‑disciplinary. You will be exposed to some of the basic methods and theoretical perspectives that social scientists and others use to study interpersonal and mass communication and many of the basic concepts that they use to describe and explain that communication. You will also be given a basic historical overview of each of the major mass media.

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Wall Street Journal 

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom


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(NPR) Wildfires continue to burn across Southern California, spurred on by high seasonal winds. Those fires and winds have spurred regional authorities to utilize technology as a warning system, sending alerts to millions of phones.

The current limitations of the federally regulated Wireless Emergency Alerts system can make such warnings a little vague in messaging.

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(CNN)We all use baby talk when we babble with bundles of joy, but does how we talk to infants vary across cultures? 

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Sexual harassment is learned long before the perpetrators enter the workplace.  

Arguably, one of the main goals of a college education is to prepare graduates for a successful life and career. But how far does that obligation extend? Does it include teaching students how to treat people with respect?

Launch of the 2017-18 UCLA Digital Archiving Visitor Speaker Series

On Friday, October 13, 2017, 55 people gathered in the Jan Popper Theater at University of California, Los Angeles’s Schoenberg Music Building to participate in the inaugural session of the UCLA Digital Archiving Collective’s visiting speaker series on “Issues in Digital Archiving.” Sponsored by the UCLA Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs office, the event focused on the theme of “Collection Sustainability,” featuring presentations by Arnold Hirshon (Associate Provost and University Librarian at Case Western Reserve University); David Seubert (Curator and Audio Archivist at UC Santa

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What Experts Know About Men Who Rape (NY Times) by Heather Murphy

NY Times - He sat by his phone, skeptical that it would ring. “I didn’t think that anyone would want to respond,” said Samuel D. Smithyman, now 72 and a clinical psychologist in South Carolina.

But the phone did ring. Nearly 200 times.