COMM ST 148 - Integrated Marketing Communication

In this course, we will learn about marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and branding strategies.  You with create an integrated marketing communications plan for a product of your choosing, in order to demonstrate how to best position it in the market to achieve maximum results.


Celia Feramisco

I am a former advertising and marketing executive with experience branding Fortune 500 companies within the healthcare, automotive and technology industries.  I was recently featured on “The Real Mad Men of Advertising,” a new Smithsonian Channel four-part documentary series that provides an inside look into the men and women who re-invented the advertising industry from post-WWII America through the 1980s.  The series was inspired by a donation to the Smithsonian Museum of a large collection of props and costumes from the television series “Mad Men,” as well as the opening of “American Enterprise,” a new permanent Smithsonian exhibit chronicling the history of American business and innovation.