Comm Archive "SAVE THE BETAS" crowdsourcing fundraiser starts TODAY!!

UCLA is currently embarking on an ambitious plan to digitize and preserve our television heritage. When completed, these historic news programs will be accessible online for scholars and the public through the UCLA Library. The student workers in our lab have already digitized tens of thousands of hours of newer VHS tapes, but we need your help to preserve our more endangered Betamaxes. You can help by:

Professor Greg Bryant in the news!!!!

People across cultures and continents are largely able to tell the difference between a fake laugh and a real one, according to a new study by UCLA communication researcher Greg Bryant.

Joe Kahn '18

Joe Kahn


Professor Paul Von Blum in the News!

UCLA historian curates exhibit on African-American artists in Los Angeles. 

UCLA’s Paul Von Blum has dedicated his life to the civil rights movement. He has testified against the Ku Klux Klan, participated in sit-ins and worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Today, he continues to be an active ally in the fight against injustice.

Kathryn Gage Call '56

Kathryn Gage Call

UCLA is very proud of Kathryn Gage Call, the winner of the George Oliver Award in 1956, who used her considerable forensic training throughout her life to achieve many great things.  An engaging and powerful public speaker and debater, Kathryn Gage Call embodies the qualities that the UCLA forensics program instills in its students.

Professor Neil Malamuth in the News!

Wall Street Journal.  

Power’s Role In Sexual Harassment

COMM 10 - Introduction to Communication

This course is designed to introduce you, in general terms, to the study of interpersonal and mass communication. The approach will be inter‑disciplinary. You will be exposed to some of the basic methods and theoretical perspectives that social scientists and others use to study interpersonal and mass communication and many of the basic concepts that they use to describe and explain that communication. You will also be given a basic historical overview of each of the major mass media.

Professor Neil Malamuth in the News!

Wall Street Journal 


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