Google Doc Upload Instructions

How can I upload my creative project sample and link to it?

This is a step-by-step guide to help you upload and share your content through a free Google Drive (also known as Google Docs) account [Note: if your creative project is already available someplace else online, you can skip all of these steps and just give us that link]. 

Before we begin, you will need to create a Gmail account, if you don't have one already. If you do, please skip step 1, and proceed to step 2. If you are using a (Bruin Online) email address, and would like to transfer your UCLA account to Gmail, there is an option on the top-left of your BOL-hosted screen that takes you through the steps to doing that. Emails sent to your email will be forwarded to your newly created gmail account. To access your gmail through UCLA Google Apps simply go to and enter your user ID and password, as you would to sign into your BOL email. If you transfer your UCLA email to Gmail, you may skip step 1.

Step 1) Go to, click on the red bar on the upper-right of your screen that reads, "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" and follow the steps there to generate an account.

After creating your account, you are now ready to use all of the services that come with Google Mail, including Google Drive.

Step 2) Sign into your account either through UCLA Google Apps on or your gmail account on Please remember your username and password.

Step 3) Click on the "Drive" tab on the top of your Gmail account. It should be the fifth tab from the left.

Step 4) Click on the upload icon (upper-left, next to the create icon) and select the file you want to upload (or, if you prefer, you can just drag-and-drop it to your Google Drive). If you are prompted to choose whether to convert the file to google docs format, you should probably choose to leave the file in your original format.

Step 5) Google Drive enables you to share your documents with others. The default is to mark the document as private and accessible only to the author (you). To share your document, you can choose "Share" from the upload menu, or right-click on the document and choose "Share" from the menu. To change the document privacy so that anyone with the link can access the document, simply, click on "Change..." next to the Private option and select "Anyone with the link." The link to share the Google Document is the same link as you see in the URL Bar. This is the link you will copy and paste into the application. Please test the link by logging out of google, re-opening your web browser, pasting the link, and seeing if it successfully downloads your file without having to log in to google. Also, please make sure you do not delete or change the sharing settings on this file until after you have heard whether you have been admitted to Comm Studies.