COMM ST 184 - Abortion, Gun Control, and the Death Penalty

Session A

Abortion, Gun Control and the Death Penalty: Debating Contemporary Social Issues will focus on current hot button issues. In addition to those issues in the course title, this course will explore euthanasia, water boarding, illegal immigration, the exclusionary rule. Students will learn the substantive arguments surrounding both sides of each issue and learn how to make logical arguments supporting positions relative to the social issues covered. Students will be exposed in this course to reasoning methods with a particular emphasis on logical fallacies.

Student Testimonials: 

Took him in the summer and he was fantastic . Don't leave UCLA without taking a course with him. He truly cares and cases our really interesting. He goes over the cases in class. The class wasn't difficult and very enjoyable. I know a 3 hour class seems like a long time to be in a classroom, but trust me - you will actually enjoy (or at least recognize the legitimate value of) the information in each lecture. Professor Fink's lectures transcend conventional teaching ideology, promoting student participation through a socratic teaching style, and manage to do so in a highly engaging manner. I can honestly say this was the first class since I can remember that I actually looked forward to each week, despite it being 3 hours in length. He genuinely understands his responsibility as an educator; challenging his students on both the academic and personal fronts. It's refreshing to see a Professor that genuinely cares for his students, managing to both educate and arm them with knowledge applicable far beyond the classroom.


Keith Fink

Keith Fink is a litigation attorney with an extremely diverse practice that includes employment, entertainment, real estate and business litigation. Prior to becoming a lawyer he was a National Debate Champion at UCLA then went on to coach debate at Harvard-Westlake. In addition to formally debating issues as a college debater, he debated a wide variety issues as a frequent guest on the TV show Youth & The Issues.