COMM ST 164 - Entertainment Law

Session A

This course covers numerous topics and issues that arise in the area of Entertainment Law. The class material covers media of all types-music, film, television, publishing, advertising, Internet & news media-by focusing on first amendment, privacy and publicity, torts, contract and intellectual property principles. The class is taught using the Socratic Method. Students are expected to read the assigned cases and be prepared for class hypothetical discussions. This class will have many guest speakers with expertise in the Entertainment field. These include a talent manager, entertainment insurance broker, attorneys and at least one entertainer. This course is aimed at providing valuable practical business knowledge which will help all students. The material will presented against the backdrop of Entertainment Law will have applicability to fields other then Entertainment.

Student Testimonials: 

Thank you very much for your wonderful lectures all though out the summer. I have learned a lot from you :) I'd like to reiterate that it was a pleasure to have taken your class, and I came out learning a variety of concepts that spanned across various areas of law, and not just restricted to Entertainment Law. I just wanted to say thank you for everything this past year. This was my 3rd class which I have taken with you, and I'm guessing the last one which I will be able to take with you. All of your classes have intrigued me and have taught me lessons which I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Again, thank you for everything. The class is going great! Definitely the most practical course I've taken in UCLA so far! You're class was awesome Professor! I hope to take another of your courses in the upcoming academic year. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your class, and I think you're one of the most interesting and knowledgable professors I had. I greatly appreciate all you put in this class and I hope I'll have another opportunity to be apart of your class.


Keith Fink

Keith Fink is a litigator in Los Angeles with a large practice area that focus on entertainment litigation. He primarily represent talent and talent managers throughout the country. He has represented musicians, artists, actors and athletes in all major sports. He teaches many legal courses at UCLA in addition to his practice as a litigator.