Computing Specialization

Majors in Communication Studies may pursue a Computing Specialization by petitioning for it. Before doing so, they should have completed Program in Computing 10B. Petitions should be filed in the Communication Studies Counseling Office. 

To graduate with a bachelor's degree in the program and a Specialization in Computing, students must (1) satisfy all the requirements for a bachelor's degree in the major, (2) in all work applied to the specialization, receive a grade of C- or better in each course with a combined grade point average of at least 2.0, (3) complete Program in Computing 10A, 10B, and (4) complete four additional courses from the following list. At least one of these must be a Communication Studies course: 

Program in Computing 10C: "Advanced Programming" 

Program in Computing 20A: "Principles of Java Language with Applications" 

Program in Computing 20B: "Advanced Aspects of Java Language with Applications" 

Program in Computing 40A: "Programming for the Internet and Multimedia" 

Communication Studies 129: "Gaming Mind" 

Communication Studies 151: "Computer Mediated Communication" 

Communication Studies 154: "Social Communication and the New Technology" 

Communication Studies 156: "Social Networking" 

Communication Studies 158: "Evolution of Communication Technology"